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We just got back last night from a long weekend getaway to relax at Lake Chelan.  When we finished hauling all of our stuff back in (HOW does it take so many things for just a 4 day vacation anyway??) I noticed we had a phone message blinking away.  Turns out the message was from a cousin of mine who I haven't seen for so long that I don't even remember when the last time was.  She grew up in the town where my grandparents lived (Trenton, MO) and we used to see each other a couple of times a year during those childhood years - but then she moved to the east coast and I moved to the west coast - and like I said, I don't remember when we last saw each other.

She was calling to let me know she is now teaching at Seattle University, and was hoping we can get together sometime over Thanksgiving weekend when her dad will also be coming out here for a visit.  I can't wait to talk with her and see if we can cover probably at least 20 years of life to catch up to who we are today!  She will also be hosting several students from University of Portland over the holiday - they are from her recent hometown in Nebraska so are a long way from home for the holidays.  This adds another connection point as my stepson coaches at University of Portland!  But I think we all already know that this is really a very small, interconnected world!

And it will be great fun to keep those connections growing.  She already laughed as we talked on the phone and said that I still have my Chicago accent!  I have been in Washington now since 1974 and really don't think I even had an accent then....but oh well!  She still sounded like Missouri to me...

I am especially glad to be getting together with my cousin because of a phenomenon my sister and I have been discussing.  Once we were adults living away from home, we have both stayed in touch with aunts and uncles but not our own generation of cousins.  I know originally it was because the aunts and uncles tended to have pretty permanent addresses and us cousins were all still migrating around the country. And the aunts and uncles would keep us posted with tidbits of information on the lives of the cousins.  But now, as that aunt/uncle/parent generation is aging, becoming ill or dying, it is pretty clear that if we don't establish our own direct communications with our own generation we will lose a very valuable part of our family history.

So here's to getting reacquainted with long lost cousins and building one more link to keeping family memories alive!   




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