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How Do I Help You Buy An Olympia Area Home? Let Me Count The Ways



Initial meeting in person, by phone or by Skype to discuss the home buying process, your timeline to buy, your criteria for a home, and how we will work together and communicate through the process.

I'll describe who represents who in a real estate transaction, how agents get paid, and the benefits of being represented when you buy.

We'll talk about how you will pay for your new house - from the sale of another house? Cash? A mortgage loan? You'll have access to my list of experienced and excellent local lenders who can get you pre approved so that you know what price range you're approved for and how much your monthly payment will be.

You'll have the opportunity to sign a buyer agency agreement detailing what I promise to do to help you find the right house for your next home.

We'll go over my questionnaire describing what you must have in a home, as well as extras that would be preferred but not essentials.

And we'll pick a start date to go house hunting - live!

I'll set up a search for houses matching your list of "must have" items. These matches will be emailed to you so you can check out the details, photos, and map location on line.



New home sign


We will tour homes that match your criteria, refining your "must haves" and "sure would be nice to have" lists as we go.

Once we have located one or more that meet all your essential needs, we may make second visits to look even more thoroughly so you can decide if you have found a winner.

I'll research your chosen house to see how long it as been on the market; has it had price reductions along the way and how recently; has it had pending sales that didn't go through; when did the current owners buy, how much did they pay and what mortgage did they take out.

My research will also include a market analysis of recently sold similar homes to compare.

I'll direct you to resources to answer other questions you may have, whether it is what schools serve the home, where you can check on utility companies serving the home, where's the nearest grocery store, bus stop, park etc. where you can find out crime statistics for the neighborhood, are there rules for the neighborhood and what are they.


Next, when you are ready, I will write up an offer for you on the home you want. We'll do this together after strategizing what price to offer, and with you deciding other details like amount of earnest money, closing date, what contingencies you want or need for this specific home.

Once the offer is ready, I will call the listing agent, get the offer to that agent to present to the seller - and make sure how you can be reached quickly when we get a reply from the seller.

When we get back either an accepted offer or a counteroffer, I'll contact you immediately to give you the news. If what we get is a counteroffer, we'll get together or talk about your response options to accept, reject or counter the counteroffer received.

Once the offers and counteroffers result in agreement with the seller, we'll celebrate this success - and prepare for the steps ahead to make sure the agreement turns into a closed sale.


Each transaction is different, but it is often in this phase where challenges arise, problems come up and get solved, and we make sure that all of your contingencies either successfully are satisfied or that you can cancel the sale if you need to.

I will collect your earnest money check and take it, along with a copy of the purchase and sales agreement, to the escrow company selected in the agreement.

I'll also get a copy of the agreement to your lender so they can begin processing the loan you will need to buy.

While the title company begins their research to assure that you will receive clear title to the property, and your lender works on the loan, we will plan a convenient time to schedule a home inspection within our agreed to window of time.

We will meet at the house for the home inspection, and you'll be able to follow along with the inspector - or use the time to take measurements, contemplate what furniture will fit where, and maybe even chat with neighbors.

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will summarize findings, and email you the report complete with photos.

Now we will meet or talk some more, strategizing about any repair items that you want to ask the seller to correct.

Note: if you are buying a bank owned home, this may well be more a discussion about whether you can accept the inspection findings or wish to cancel the sale - most of the time when the banks say they are selling as is with no repairs, that's what they mean.

If there are repairs you are going to handle yourself after the sale closes, I can give you recommendations for various contractors and specialized tradespeople.

If the sellers agree to do some repairs, I'll collect invoices for work done for you to have on file.

I'll also review and pass along other reports we requested in the agreement like well water tests, septic pumping reports etc.

As contingencies get completed and the closing date approaches, I will check in frequently with your lender to see if everything is on track and on time for your loan.

I'll also check with the listing agent to confirm that any agreed repairs are completed.

When we are even closer to closing, I'll remind you to contact utility companies to set up service in your name, confirm you have your homeowner's insurance lined up, and check that you have change of address info to get your mail redirected to your new address.

We'll go do a final "walk thru" at the house you're buying to confirm that it's in the expected condition, that the agreed upon repair work is done, that the sellers haven't taken the refrigerator that was supposed to stay...or left miscellaneous junk that should have been removed.


I'll accompany you to the escrow office where you will sign paperwork to finalize the sale.

I'll make arrangements with the listing agent to get keys for you for once the sale is completed.

As soon as the sale has recorded and is complete, I will call to give you the good news and my congratulations! And plan how and where to meet you with the keys to your new house!


Hand shake


Once you have gotten moved in to your new house, I'll check in with you to make sure everything is going smoothly for you, or help get answers for any questions you have. (and this isn't a one time thing - I will look forward to staying in touch and being a resource for you for years to come).

And if you want to have a house warming party to show off your new place to friends and family, just let me know!  If you'd like me to send out the invitations to your guest list, or provide some snacks and beverages for the event, I will be happy to help.

Congratulating a new home owner is one of my very favorite things. So if you'd like help buying an Olympia area home, I'd love to help....let me count the ways.





                        Showing Olympia - Let me show it to you!!

For Info on the Communities of Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater  WA and the real estate to be found here, just call me, text me, email me!  And I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog.

Nancy Conner, City Realty Inc,    360-701-1086      

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